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SAS University Edition

Get free SAS software for teaching and learning statistics and quantitative methods. SAS University Edition provides teachers, professors, students, independent learners and academic researchers with the most recent releases of the world's best advanced statistical analysis software. Writing and submitting... See more

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SAS University Sucks

  • By yportne
  • on 08/08/2019

All I ever get is site can't be reached no matter how many times I follow the directions step by step and no matter how many bug fixes I read. I am tired of wasting my life.

Thanks Vladimir - Steps to launch SAS University Edition

  • By Sunjay007
  • on 10/29/2018

Your step-by-step was indeed very useful!
I followed the steps as per the instructions you had given.
It worked for me.

Thank you

Steps to launch SAS University Edition

  • By Vladimir
  • on 03/06/2018

Instructions provided by SAS are misguiding. I did the following:
1. Hover the mouse over your user name (right top corner) and select "Your AWS Console"
2. In the box "Build your solution", click on "Launch a virtual machine"
3. From the left pane, select "AWS Marketplace"
4. In the search bar (mid pane), type "SAS" and hit 'enter'
5. On page Step 1: click "Select" SAS University Edition
6. On page Step 2: Instance type menu will be provided - I think you can handle from there (not explored yet).

Good luck!

Never connects

  • By jpipermaru
  • on 02/08/2017

So, far my experience has been terrible. I have created 4 different instances over two different subscriptions. I have yet to connect after selecting Access Software. I am reviewing all potential issues on my local side, but I have been able to connect to EC2 instances in the past on this machine. So far, not so good.

SAS studio just doesn't load

  • By Sas_enthu
  • on 01/30/2017

I have been trying to access the SAS university edition for more than a month now. Each time it just says it is loading and nothing happens further. Just one blue screen that says 'loading'. I'm super disappointed. Can somebody explain what's the shortcoming here? Internet bandwidth for one isn't an issue.

Decent enough!

  • By CarrieB
  • on 01/06/2017

The look and feel of SAS Uni in AWS is very similar (unsurprisingly) to VIYA. The install works well enough and while I am just getting to grips with SAS in the cloud, it feels like a really viable alt to Enterprise Guide - though i have yet to come up against what I am sure will be inevitable limitations.

the only issue i have had is that the setup guidance provided by SAS is wrong. No 'Access Software' link appears next to SAS under subscriptions. To launch the application, I needed to go to the EC2 console manager and paste instance DNS into a new browser window - and then supply instance id as the password. I fumbled around with this for a wee while and feel like an idiot. Seems an obvious thing to do frankly but SAS does provide quite different (and for me, wrong) guidance.

working really well

  • By new jersey
  • on 10/21/2016

It's been working really well for me! I can store all my files here and do analysis on them. The only thing is that it doesn't support Listing output, but other than that it's very easy to use.

VERY impressed

  • By Liz in NY
  • on 09/01/2016

I'm new to AWS, but a long-time SAS user at my academic/research institution. I was excited to maybe have a way to log in for quick analyses that I forgot to run, or needed to rerun, when away from the office. Although it's of course not quite as stable as a local version of SAS, I was really impressed by the capabilities here. To the other reviewers who were hoping to depend on this and never have a real version of SAS installed - get real... this is FREE and usually a single SAS license will cost you what, at least $1k per year. I'm glad to have a backup plan now when I've got a small project that would otherwise have to wait until I can commute into the office, and is saving me from having to buy a personal license for home use (plus my crappy little laptop was having problems with the VMware distribution of SAS University Edition). I'll be recommending this to some friends at other universities that often find themselves in the same position as me - just needing occasional quick access to SAS from their personal computers.

Keeps Loading thats it!!

  • By it keeps loading
  • on 08/26/2016

Hi, After I clicked on 'access software' and giving credentials it was directed to 'SAS® University Edition: Information Center' and I started SAS Studio a blue screen came up and keeps loading from 3 hours, it never loaded;(never to worry about my broad band speed its good.) Can you please fix it. Thanks, Harish PL

SAS [University Edition] Studio on AWS appears to work fine for me

  • By SAS Contractor
  • on 06/21/2016

I was concerned by the poor recent user reviews that the current version of SAS [University Edition] Studio from AWS Marketplace might be having some problems. But since the price was right (free software plus minimal AWS usage fees), I implemented it on my AWS instance. I have been able to successfully run several bundled SAS tasks and code snippets on bundled and imported data. So far the software and AWS appear to work as advertised.

I like this cloud implementation with browser access from most PC platforms and no product-specific maintenance on my platforms.