Matillion ETL for Amazon Redshift

Starting from $1.37/hr or from $9,950.00/yr (17% savings) for software + AWS usage fees

Matillion ETL for Amazon Redshift makes loading and transforming data on Redshift fast, easy, and affordable. Prices start at $1.37/hour with no commitments or upfront costs. Need to cut your ETL development time in half and shave months off your projects? No problem. The AMI takes less than five minutes to set up and delivers results much faster than traditional ETL technologies. With just a few clicks, you can load data into Redshift from from dozens of sources, including S3 and RDS; multiple databases and APIs; common systems like Google Analytics, Salesforce, Netsuite, and SAP; and even... See more

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Simplify Big Data ETL

  • By Rich - IT Director
  • on 08/15/2018

Matillion has fundamentally changed the way we do business. The ETL platform is very user-friendly, easy to learn, and makes big data jobs much more manageable. The support team is fantastic--quick response times. And the sales team has done a fantastic job helping us on-board and implement. Highly recommend.

Fantastic product

  • By Hamish - Lead Data Warehouse Developer
  • on 05/09/2018

I have used Matillion to build 3 data warehouses for clients and the product keeps getting better. It is feature packed and support is amazing. It is very easy to start building very quickly. I 100% back this product

Right ELT tool for AWS Redshift

  • By Abhinav - Solution Architect
  • on 03/28/2018

I started using Matillion 2 months back as a part of doing a tool evaluation to recommend the right type of ETL/ELT tool. After going through 10 such tools in market, we chose Matillion because of the low cost of entry and ease of learning. Using an ETL tool with MPP databases is not a very good approach since you end up creating bottlenecks on your processes.
Matillion loads all the data on Redshift and then processes it. It had all the primary components we needed for our transformations and we were able to quickly ramp up others on the tool.
The environment we setup was in VPC and I really appreciate the support Matillion provided to make sure we were up and ready in no time. I highly recommend trying this tool if you are building an environment on AWS Redshift or Snowflake.

Amazing Support

  • By Kaleb
  • on 03/27/2018

Our journey with Matillion started with a project to create a new data platform on AWS. From the beginning, we knew we would have to select a tool to satisfy our ETL needs. We came across Matillion for Redshift and had a demo session with James and out of the box it ticked a lot of our requirements. After the demo, we quickly created several jobs for a POC to populate a Redshift Database with data from our LOB application and some external data sources. When we had questions, they quickly provided either documentation or walked us through how to achieve our desired result via a video session.

After using the tool for a bit of time, we provided feedback to Matillion on how we were trying to use the tool, which resulted in some enhancements. Matillon was a strong tool out of the box, but with the continued enhancements it has become great. Their support and development team are great at taking our feedback and making their product even more powerful.

Matillion is amazing!

  • By rptgeek
  • on 03/21/2018

My background is SQL Server SSIS and Talend. We recently decided to move to use Redshift as our warehouse of choice and with that started to use Talend to populate it. It worked OK, but with the open source version there was not an easy way to schedule the jobs. I started looking for other solutions and I found Matillion. Matillion had the scheduling built into the product and had most all the components that I was used to with the other ETL Tools. What makes Matillion amazing is how it was built from the ground up to take advantage of ELT. Because most of the work is done by the database engine rather than than another server - the speed is so much faster than some of the other tools. Yes it will take a bit to get used to and learn the nomenclature of the tool, but you will thank yourself once you have done it. The tool is a no brainer for anyone using Redshift as their data warehouse. Try it out - you will not be disappointed.

As a side note - we ended up working with Matillion professional services to help build out some jobs because we had a deadline that we needed to hit. Their professional services were top notch and came up with some very creative solutions that met our requirements and allowed the jobs to be very dynamic. You won't be disappointed if you need their processional services for your project.

Great Tool and very good support

  • By Tobias
  • on 03/21/2018

Matillion is a very easy to use, but powerful ETL Tool.
The Tool has an excecllent functionallity and the data processing is very fast. One of the main Advantages is the Support-Team which works competent and helped us with every Problem/Issue we had so far.

The best ETL Tool for Redshift

  • By Pedro
  • on 03/15/2018

We have adopted Matillion 1 month ago and our Redshift DWH is growing a lot thanks of them. As a former PWC user I have to say that in terms of transformation and scheduling Matillion has it all. Also customer support is great, any doubt you have they always have the time to answer or even have a Hangout meeting. Finally the way you deploy all the Product is very easy for administration.

From zero to hero! Straight forward ETL Development.

  • By Mario
  • on 03/15/2018

Anyone who knows SQL can easily dive into this tool and start creating jobs for their needs. Our teams were able to pick up this tool within a day or two and start developing new jobs with no problems. Matillion is very straight forward, and built for cloud technologies. It takes away the learning curve of other ETL tools in the market, but maintains the scalability and performance we expect. Highly recommended!

Best choice for Redshift

  • By Ralf Neumann - tecRacer
  • on 03/06/2018

We have many consultancy engagements with different customers, who were interested in moving their data analytics workload to the cloud. People involved in these projects often have a background in Data Analystis or Data Science and don’t have deep coding skills. In former projects we used different tools, but replaced them by Matillion later on. We find Matillion a perfect tool for creating reliable ELT processes to load data to Redshift. It’s well structured interface makes it really easy to build self documenting ETL processes. Clear recommendation!

Great ETL Tool

  • By Jessica von Janta- AWS Cloud Consultant
  • on 03/06/2018

As an AWS Cloud Consultant for the Big Data Area I highly recommend this tool if you would like to implement an ETL process. I have used this tool myself in several projects and I am very satisfied with the performance and with the simplicity of creating a whole job. I also observed that our clients often find it easier to use a graphic surface rather than generating the SQL statements on their own.