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Full Stack Geocoding / Geoparsing for North America (USA or Canada - Forward & Reverse, Batch Geocode, Full Text Geoparse). Rest API (CSV, XML, Json and Jsonp) See more

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Accurate and Versatile, but

  • By Kamil Mroczek
  • on 12/01/2017

Geocoding was pretty accurate, on par with what you'd expect from Google Maps or ESRI. Lots of info returned on reverse geocoding. Forward geocoding and parsing of raw text was fine too.

A bit slow right off the bat. Using the script that comes with it:
-bash-4.2$ /home/ec2-user/
End test at Thu Nov 30 19:17:10 2017 (Test started at Thu Nov 30 19:08:02 2017, total time spent: 547.783696889877 seconds.)
198 requests were sent in parallel
Average response time was 2.76658432772665 seconds per request

Then tried the test again after a few minutes:
End test at Thu Nov 30 19:21:11 2017 (Test started at Thu Nov 30 19:21:06 2017, total time spent: 4.92717409133911 seconds.)
198 requests were sent in parallel
Average response time was 0.0248847176330258 seconds per request

So, it is slow at first, then picks up speed considerably. 0.02 seconds per query vs 2.7. (on a C8x8xlarge server)

Incredibly Slow

  • By Sean
  • on 05/31/2017

I appreciate that it works out of the box, but even on an r4.2xlarge instance it regularly takes 15-120s to geocode a structured address. SQS queue has been draining for days now.

Not very flexible

  • By Tim Stallmann
  • on 02/09/2016

Very easy to use and install! But

Compared to the free MapQuest nominatim this was slower - although maybe it needed to churn longer to get through startup tasks? I ran 500+ queries and didn't see a significant speed increase - and much less willing to make a guess about vague addresses or assign PO Boxes to the city or zipcode centroid.

Great product!

  • By Brian Pichette
  • on 11/09/2015

Very easy to launch, very efficient, and cost effective compared to alternatives. Results were accurate. Highly recommended for high volume processing. Support was very responsive and knowledgeable.

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