Conductor automates the process of moving data from local and cloud data stores like databases, CSV files, and NoSQL databases with AWS. What would normally require thousands of hours of work can be carried out in less than an hour. Business systems change all the time, but integration tools assume that it is a perfect world. Conductor flexibly maps changing data formats without crashing and can reduce system crashes by 60%. See more

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moving data made easy

  • By BlairS
  • on 12/22/2015

As a BI consultancy we worked with Conductor from the early stages and found it the most effective way to get data out of on premise environments into Azure. We have used for production data sync'ing and also for one off data migration activities.

Highly recommended when needing to get data off premise effectively (suits hybrid cloud/on-prem environments).


  • By MarkSe
  • on 09/23/2015

we recently had to ETL data from a remote Postgres database.
after some investigations, decided to use Conductor from EightWire - this enabled us to be up and running
performing data transfers in just a few hours - with the speed of implementation being due to an excellent product
which is easy to use - and backed up by a good level of support

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