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As both a firewall and UTM it's perfect, however, sometimes with setting up the spam filters there is an issue.

  • By DataDeptMgr674
  • on 01/12/2019

As we are a solution provider and not product oriented, we give the best solution for our customers, with a good price. We are the number one company in the region, BTC, and operate in Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia.
What is most valuable?
As both a firewall and UTM it's perfect.
What do I think about the scalability of the solution?
No issues encountered.
How is customer service and technical support?
Customer Service: For me, the customer satisfaction, and awareness, is the most important thing. I usually train all my clients on their chosen system.
Technical Support: 10/10.
Which solutions did we use previously?
As we are a service provider, we offer various other products to our customer:
* Astaro ASG
* Avaya/Netscreen
* Fortinet
* HP Switches & WiFi
* Juniper SSG
* Juniper SRX 210 & 240
* Juniper WXC
* Sophos next generation SG, including RED, SG, and WiFi
* Telindus Crocus E1Q
How was the initial setup?
For me, the installation and setup is simple. I work hard to do the simulation for the customer, and discuss all the requirements before implementation with the client.
What about the implementation team?
In one project I implemented Sophos for was a bank. I had to involve the Sophos team as the client was asking for WAF in transparent mode with HTTPS inspection. They were 10/10.
Which other solutions did I evaluate?
Prior to Sophos, it was mainly Juniper and Fortinet.
What other advice do I have?

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