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It works well without any maintenance

  • By Max P.
  • on 12/11/2018

* Firewalls
* Developer access
* VPN traffic
* Rerouting and routing.
I am using it to route traffic for developer access or regular traffic for my instances. I have a web application, and I control access to and from it in one of my environments.
How has it helped my organization?
All my needs are met at the moment.
What is most valuable?
Our policy is launch and forget. It works well without any maintenance. So far, it has worked pretty well regardless of the traffic.
What needs improvement?
The product could be simplified and made more self-explanatory.
For how long have I used the solution?
One to three years.
What do I think about the stability of the solution?
I am stressing it quite a bit, and the stability is great. I haven't performed any maintenance on the instances in quite a while now. It works. I am happy because everything works well.
What do I think about the scalability of the solution?
My throughput is moderate versus high throughput applications.
I am always holding a predefined number of instances, so I haven't had any issues.
How is customer service and technical support?
I have not used the technical support.
How was the initial setup?
The configuration was pretty complex on my side compared to OpenVPN. However, this might imply that Sophos has more use cases and capabilities. It depends.
Which other solutions did I evaluate?
I am also using OpenVPN.
Partially, for historic reasons, things were built prior to me being able to evaluate stuff. At the moment, we are using both solutions. In terms of pricing, when I need to spin up anything small with smaller requirements, I am using the free OpenVPN instead of Sophos UTM.
What other advice do I have?
Do your homework. Compare products. Use what you need depending on your needs.

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