Windows Server 2012 with Race Catcher Workstation

Starting from $0.50 to $24.00/hr for software + AWS usage fees

Race Catcher Workstation, is a GUI capable VM, able to analyze running JVM powered applications for Race Conditions and Deadlocks. In a "subscription mode", it can monitor aggregated knowledge of multithreading issues found on other VMs. These issues are automatically aggregated from other Race Catcher enabled VMs (without GUI) that run in the same Virtual Private Cloud. The Workstation is also capable to work in the mode of light profiler. In this mode it provides mesurements on methods invocation count and time spent with... See more

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Windows powered Java applications just got smarter. I totally recommend this product

  • By Ronald S. Tapkas
  • on 11/25/2015

After successfully using Race Catcher on my local workstation I am really happy to see this product available as a preconfigured AWS machine.

It allows us to monitor our Java applications running on the AWS platform from our local laptop for a matter which isn't really addressed anywhere else with such precise details - race conditions. It also provides Deadlock Analysis and a light profiler. The ability to aggregate its analysis from many machines simultaneously when launched into VPC, makes it a much superior way of catching race conditions both in test and in production.

There's no need for any configuration, that makes this product even more appealing!


I totally recommend it!

Programmers BEST friend!!!

  • By Jaime Howard
  • on 11/23/2015

Truly amazing, time saving code analysis! I have never seen anything like this. This will cure the world of software race conditions.

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