Looker Analytics Platform - 10 Users, Multi-node Redshift (plus RDS)

$3,000.00/mo + $4.17 to $4.17/hr for software + AWS usage fees

Looker for AWS allows anyone in your business to quickly analyze and find insights in your Redshift and RDS datasets. By connecting directly to your AWS instance, Looker opens... See more

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Quickest Way To Get Started With Analytics

  • By Thomas Groh, VP of Data at Mogo
  • on 11/08/2016

If you are looking for a fast and frictionless way to get started with an analytics platform and scale it with ease - this is it! Whether you are just looking to "kick the tires" on Looker or you have a requirement for an ad-hoc analysis and need a temporary environment, or you want to stand up a permanent solution and run it 24x7, you can do it using a conveniently pre-configured instance of Looker on AWS Marketplace. For us, it took just minutes to launch and connect to our analytics database. The Looker support team was there from the start to help us through the initial learning curve and answer our questions. Our team was productive within the first day of deployment. Even scaling the instance for more compute power and memory after we grew our user base was a simple and straight forward process. The only potential compromise is that you won't be able to be on the absolute latest Looker release at all times, because it takes a bit longer for Looker to get the AWS Marketplace images approved and updated. However, we did not feel that was a big trade-off, given the advantages of instant deployment and easy scalability.

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