Ubuntu Linux with Race Catcher Agent

Starting from $0.15 to $8.00/hr for software + AWS usage fees

Ubuntu Linux with Race Catcher™ Agent: is capable of analyzing running JVM powered processes for Race Conditions and Deadlocks. It will report its knowledge to an aggregator running on the same VPC or on your local machine. Multiple VMs of this type running on the same VPC create combine knowledge that is superior to the experience collected otherwise from only one such VM. 100 Agents are less expensive and more reliable than 100 human testers. See more

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These VMs monitor the applications they run for reliability of results. I have not seen this functionality anywhere else. (Note: you need to run Race Catcher Workstation - on AWS or locally - to see the the agent’s results)

  • By yoshootme
  • on 08/15/2016

This AMI launches VMs that are capable of auto-testing the reliability of JVM applications they run for multithreading contentions - race conditions. You can launch number of such VMs with Race Catcher Agents. The analysis gets aggregated and auto-published to your local or AWS based workstation. You need a running workstation on this account to accumulate and aggregate these results. It is best to launch the Workstation prior to Launching the VMs with the Race Catcher agents.

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