MFM - MaxGauge for MySQL, MariaDB, Aurora DB on EC2 and RDS(Large)

Starting from $2.45/hr or from $17,868.00/yr (17% savings) for software + AWS usage fees

MaxGauge is a database performance management tool designed to support an effective performance management of your database system. MFM supports MySQL and MariaDB. MFM mointors database systems with no agent installed(Agentless). MFM also provides system metrics. Standard Edition use an EC2 instance for MFM server. Entry Licence Model supports 1~5 target databases monitoring. When your total count of monitoring target database is over 100, please contact EXEM Cloud team( See more

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The best monitoring tool for MySQL dba

  • By Andrew
  • on 08/24/2016

I tested MaxGauge for monitoring database performance and analyzing performance issues in mysql databse. The good thing is it’s good to monitor multiple DB instances at single dashboards. And good thing is this product can save old events and queries, so I can analyze the exact point where the performance issues happened. There is slow query analyzing feature which is the most valuable feature so that I can find out which queries have performances issues. And also there is lock holder and lock waiter showing together so I can find out which is making problem on mysql database. For SQL Tuning, this product gives execution plan and wait event metrics so that it is must items for dba.

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