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Starting from $0.99/hr or from $900.00/yr (90% savings) for software + AWS usage fees

FileMaker Cloud provides secure, reliable access to your custom apps in the cloud - without the administrative hassle. Get the simplicity and performance of the FileMaker Platform without having to spend time and resources to deploy and maintain a server. With FileMaker Cloud, you'll get low cost of entry, speedy deployment, minimal administrative overhead, instant scalability, and more. Get up and running in 20 minutes or less since no hardware or software needs to be installed and set up. Monitor live status and receive automatic notifications for OS updates and software patches. Plus, ... See more

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Billing Nightmare

  • By Steven
  • on 10/26/2017

Don't buy this product. If you have billing issues AWS, Filemaker and Orbitera will all tell you it's the other company's issue. I purchased this product and got billed both annually and hourly. And extra $500 in bills so far. I also purchases an SSL certificate that never came. When I called Filemaker for help they told me they don't support what I purchased??? I have no idea how that can be since I purchased it form their online store using their Filemaker Cloud admin panel.

Buyer beware!!!

There are traps in buying and using the software

  • By Dubious procedurs and traps
  • on 10/17/2017

Spent many hours to get clear with the different procedures. I purchased an annual fee after I had correctly terminated the trial in August. According notifications that AWS instance t2.small should be upgraded I followed the link and ordered an upgrade to t2.medium but did not realize that the subscription rate automatically was set to hourly. That means more then USD 1.000 to pay for the use of the software in September. By (good) support I was told the only way to escape the trap is to buy another annual license for t2.medium but I would receive a refund of the sum I paid for t2.small in August. Such proceedings are not a good way to have satisfied customers!

Free trial within 15days , but I am charged up to 93.5USD for few days testing

  • By Steven
  • on 09/14/2017

Free trail for 5-user Filemaker cloud, I did a test, and to see whether good enough before green-light. But after few days testing, and Yesterday I found I am charged USD93.5 in AWS just for these few days. I contacted AWS, he said I have to contact Workplace seller, and sent me "seller product webpage". Unfortunately, the page say "no refund", and you can cancel subscription anytime......No idea what happen. I wish I could attach screenshots here. Frustrated......

Very BAD experience

  • By Antoine
  • on 09/07/2017

Still waiting for the email that is suppose to allow me to install FM Cloud...
No answer from the help service

Be Careful how to setting up trial account

  • By 1Cloud
  • on 07/14/2017

Do not select annual pricing if you want a trial only, you will be presented with a years charge. Although the reverse of the bill was ok due to helpful support, it takes time and the process is confusing!

Hard to deploy, hard to use

  • By D. Wilson
  • on 06/24/2017

It's terribly difficult to actually deploy this software. There are so many issues that it just isn't worthwhile. But when we did succeed at deploying it, it was such poor quality software that I don't understand why anyone would pay these sorts of rates for the hourly nor annual subscription. I think you'll want this if you're already stuck with FileMaker. If you're not an existing FileMaker user, just steer clear.

FileMaker Server for Linux

  • By Richard Fincher
  • on 06/15/2017

Very glad to see FileMaker Server for Linux return to the FileMaker Inc. product line-up. It would be even nicer if I could licence it to run on one of my own CentOS Linux virtual servers.


  • By John Do
  • on 03/10/2017

I bought FM Cloud it was running great.
I then got gauged by the hourly pricing scheme.
I then updated to an annual subscription.
I restored my data to a backup.
Everything was erased.
My Instance is running somewhere but nobody can access it not even filemaker.

Works with Pro and Pro Advanced, should understand AWS concepts and pricing

  • By Elizabeth
  • on 02/02/2017

FileMaker Cloud does work with FileMaker Pro--you encrypt the database files in FileMaker Cloud. You don't need FileMake Pro Advanced to encrypt them.

If you are not familiar with AWS and cloud deployment, read the FileMaker Cloud Getting Started Guide, which explains the sometimes cryptic (but quick!) stack creation process.

It's a best practice not to leave your instance running when you aren't actively using it, and make sure you understand AWS pricing.

Deceptive Pricing

  • By Zachary
  • on 01/04/2017

AWS has always been about paying for what you use; if your server load is low, you will pay much less than if it's in use.

I thought that's what I was getting when I purchased the hourly license for my team of five who use FileMaker to access legacy customer records a few times per day. Unfortunately, you get charged the $.99 whether or not you access the server in a given hour, and you still get charged whether client software is connected or not.

In other words, be prepared to pay nearly the cost of an annual license each month for this software.