StresStimulus Cloud Stress Testing Agent

StresStimulus Cloud Stress Testing Agent is a self-contained load generator for distributed stress testing of websites and web applications. It not only allows to simulate real user requests to your website from the regions where your user base is located, but will also facilitates an almost infinite scaling of your stress tests. This agent operates in conjunction with StresStimulus Cloud Performance Testing Tool or Cloud Load Testing Solution - BYOL Controller available in the Amazon Marketplace. It can also be used in conjunction with a desktop-based controller. Once the StresStimulus C... See more

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Nothing without a license

  • By J Walker
  • on 05/13/2018

By default an unlicensed version is installed, which actually doesn't allow you to do anything (which is why Jim -- the other reviewer -- struggled). Licenses are available from their website, priced by the number of Virtual Users you require. You can also get a full 7 day free trial, with 10,000 VUs.

it does not work

  • By jim
  • on 05/05/2017

After 4 instance installations I got it running - and after insisting I upgrade (therefor wasting more time up) it failed to run the test wizard according to the documentation and did not have an alternate path... of course they want to sell more training in how to use what doesn't work according to the documentation. Stay far away.

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