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StatsD/Graphite as a Service

  • By Chris
  • on 01/23/2014

We are a windows shop that was looking for a lightweight way to track performance metrics across our application. PerfMon counters were too heavyweight for many reasons including deployment.

Several of our folks had used StatsD with node and thought it would be a good lightweight solution. We however didn't want to introduce node/graphite in our existing environment. In the ideal world someone would be hosting the equivalent with a better Ux than graphite provides.

Enter DataDog. We discovered this tool and it's ability to accept udp statsd style packets and haven't looked back. Adding metrics are as easy as instrumenting the piece of code we want to measure, deploying and minutes later we start seeing the metrics stream into DataDog.

DataDog has become a a core part of our monitoring strategy.

excellent way to get an overview of server state combining AWS stats on stats from the applications.

  • By Mr Alan Jay (Sports Mole)
  • on 01/23/2014

We run over 10 AWS servers of various sizes running various tasks. One of the hard things has been finding simple ways to understand the way the applications interact with with the AWS servers and from there understand how to optimise our choice of AWS machines.

Datadog was very easy to install onto Amazon Linux with relevant modules for the applications we are using. This along with the integration of the AWS stats from clout watch has made monitoring and understanding the various severs types we run much easier and helped us spec the servers we are using.

Easy to set up and configure and easy to get useful data out of the service.

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