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LAMP Stack PHP 7

Classical web application environment with LAMP stack and the next generation of PHP version 7. It also includes Selfmanagement Preset, a self-management, self-monitoring and self-healing components and phpMyAdmin, a web interface tool for the administration of MySQL. Versions: Apache HTTP Server 2.4.25,... See more

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Dangerous default configuration, avoid

  • By Ian C.
  • on 06/08/2019

This pre-fabricated stack runs a MySQL database with no root password and a PHPMyAdmin setup accessible via port 80. You'll be scanned and your data exfiltrated and extorted by a bot within 24 hours of standing up an instance with this stack configurated the way it is.

There are far better, more secure, LAMP stacks on the AWS Marketplace like those from Bitnami that don't expose you to the dangers this configuration exposes you to.


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