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  • By MS08-067
  • on 01/24/2020

"Usage Instructions: Once your instance is running, connect to it with your SSH private key using the "ec2-user" account."

For those who need to hear it.

  • By ashpat
  • on 02/01/2020

It wont work ! I tried 2019.4 AMI and it worked flawlessly.

  • By T
  • on 01/31/2020

I think the issue is not that people aren't reading the instructions - It's that (from what I can tell), this instance isn't even listening on port 22 when you start it up. Either that, or it has some goofy firewall rules which are rejecting connections from any network segment I've tried hitting it from. I can ping it, but any time I try to SSH in, it's not even attempting the SSH handshake - the connection is simply rejected. The instance I'm trying to use is in a VPC/subnet/SG which I'm using for other boxes as well, without issue.

  • By kaali
  • on 01/31/2020

Have you tired this. User complained about login issue might tired it. Even i have tired to login using ec2-user and it can't allow me to login. Even port 22 is not listening at all.