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Stop struggling with custom infrastructure, long build times, and legacy platforms. Take advantage of Solano CI's high performance cloud-first architecture in your own datacenter or public cloud environment. Scale seamlessly from a single managed core to 10,000+ core installations. Our control-plane scalability brings high-performance and high-availability to your critical development and deployment pipelines. Use Solano CI's built-in cost management and hybrid-cloud burst scaling to harness massive compute only when you need it. We offer strong multi-tenant security and isolation for organ... See more

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Great team with a great product!

  • By Stas from Flavma Inc.
  • on 02/18/2016

I'm a Solano (previously TDDium) user since 2012.

Solano helped me and now my company build high quality Ruby and Python projects. We also run our front-end projects and we are planning to integrate it with our mobile apps too.

Their support is absolutely amazing, from feature requests to setup questions, they are always behind you!

They are constantly improving their services by optimizing the build process and delivering new features.

Another important factor is that their pricing is very fair. I was able to use Solano as an independent contractor and it didn't cost me a fortune!

Above all, Nick, Leo and their team genuinely cares about their customers!

Better than the rest, since the beginning

  • By Steve
  • on 02/18/2016

Not many people realize that Solano CI (formerly TDDium) has been around longer than most of the competition. So with that understanding, it's not really too surprising that they're so far ahead of everyone else.

Since I started using them (~3 years ago), they've had or added to the service:
* turnkey parallelism, out of the box with little or no setup required
* USEFUL parsed results (eg, sortable, filterable specs, collapsed to file name. You can filter to just show failed specs)
* capture of HTML body for failed capybara specs
* github integration
* sane defaults + project autodetection, with extensive configuration options (ruby version, firefox version, selenium version, etc)
* Caching of project dependencies + configurable cacheable artifacts (for ruby, this means your gem bundle & I setup a custom task to cache assets based on md5 of the assets dir so some builds can skip re-compiling assets)
* custom service support (have you gone and made yourself a SAAS mess with one app that depends on another? does your test suite depend on an api server to be running? this can be configured)

More features too of course but these are the ones I've found particularly useful and/or unique.

Great service for speeding up your test suite

  • By D. Blas
  • on 07/22/2013

We switched to running our tests on Tddium and found it huge improvement. It was compatible with our entire stack: MySQL, Redis, Mongo, Rails, etc. We get great results and much faster continuous integration than we had before, which has really helped us to develop and deploy much quicker. Anytime we have an issue their support is also very responsive.

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