Velostrata Cloud Migration - Windows

Starting from $0.00 to $2.38/hr for software + AWS usage fees

Velostrata cloud migration and workload mobility software accelerates and simplifies migration of your VMWare virtual machines and physical servers to AWS EC2. Velostrata's agentless platform can reduce the cost of migration projects by saving up to 7 hours per server in labor compared to agent-based approaches. When it comes to migration of thousands of servers, this translates to significant cost savings in manual labor. Patented workload streaming and auto-adaptation makes it possible to have stateful workloads up and running in the cloud in minutes, with no risk of data loss or complex... See more

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  • By Steve
  • on 06/19/2017

This Velostrata stuff is brilliant, easy install, plugs into vCenter, right click and the workload is running my VPC.
what's even more cool is that they don't require to wait until replication is complete, less than 5 min and my 450GB sql server vm was up and running

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