Sumo Logic Machine Data Analytics for Logs and Metrics (Monthly)

Sumo Logic is a secure, AWS-hosted machine data analytics service, delivering real-time insights from logs, metrics and event dataacross the entire application lifecycle and... See more

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Very helpful tool

  • By Aiden Storm
  • on 02/13/2018

I've used Sumologic for over a year, and I've used it for a number of different projects and scopes of monitoring and alerting. It's flexible, powerful, and fairly easy to use. It has a learning curve for a beginner, as it has its own DSL for running queries. But their documentation and training is good, and what you get out of this is useful, so it's worth the small time investment around figuring out some of the queries you would need. At the least, the query syntax is easier than Kibana queries. With whatever tool you choose for insightful analysis of logs and metrics, you'll have to take the time to create queries and such, but at least sumologic provides a lot of common queries and dashboards right out of the box.

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