Spotinst's Elastigroup Platform is a SaaS-based EC2 management solution that delivers cloud efficiencies never before achieved. Elastigroup uses predictive analytics and proprietary algorithms to leverage AWS Spot Market and reduce EC2 cloud computing costs by 60% to 80%. Elastigroup reliably delivers 100% cluster portability and availability while dramatically reducing cloud costs. Spot Instances can be used without Elastigroup and AWS customers can save money, but there's a challenge - Spot Instances can be interrupted with two minutes notice. Managing around Spot Instances that can be re... See more

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Great SaaS Solution to Reduce Cloud Cost!

  • By Maayan
  • on 02/05/2017

Spotinst help us to reducing our AWS Cloud Cost by 80%-85% both development and production workloads ,They have great support team!
very recommended to use!

Wow! How come I wasn't familiar with Spotinst?

  • By Aaron
  • on 01/26/2017

Rad tool, simply easy and friendly and the most fun part - I pay so less for my cloud workloads. recommended!

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