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OpenVPN, a wonderful service that has details to repair.

  • By Marketing and Advertising
  • on 09/04/2019

What do you like best?
OpenVPN allows you to surf the internet as if you were located at a specific geographical point, allowing you to enjoy the freedoms offered by this place. A particularity of OpenVPN is that it offers its service to companies so that its workers can work as if they were in the preferred site of this company. It is a service with an affordable price for anyone who wants to use it.
What do you dislike?
Occasionally, OpenVPN has sudden disconnections, which, in many cases, suddenly expels its users from the website they are working on. Sometimes I have had to test websites that can only be opened by residents of the UK, and when disconnecting OpenVPN I have been expelled from them, interrupting my work and sometimes preventing me from re-entering the site. It was these disconnections for no apparent reason that made us switch to Open VPN for Amazon Web Services, the latter offers a VPS service that is much more stable.
What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?
At the time, OpenVPN helped us to perform tests and any other kind of work on web pages that required an IP address that did not belong to the United States. However, due to its multiple disconnections we had to replace this with Amazon Web Services.
Recommendations to others considering the product:
I recommend that anyone who wants to use OpenVPN is to prepare to experience occasional disconnections from the service which could interfere with their work. If you don't mind this detail then this VPN is for you.

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