Alert Logic Threat Manager with ActiveWatch (US)

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Not super intuitive to setup, but works great once it's there

  • By Happy Customer!
  • on 03/14/2018

We selected alert logic based upon the review and what we were looking for; a modern threat manager for AWS. The setup process was a little more difficult than we thought, and some of the administration components are less than intuitive, but overall we are happy with the product and would recommend to others for sure. I think when a few kinks get worked out, this will be an ideal choice for a UTM solution.

Modern security services built for AWS

  • By Ian Beatty
  • on 11/16/2017

We chose Alert Logic after reviewing many traditional security stacks. The Alert Logic tools integrate well into our existing environments without forcing us to break or modify configurations we've spent tons of time creating. Where other vendors are still trying to sell appliances to bolt-on to your AWS environment, Alert Logic works with your AWS environment in a way that makes sense.

Great product

  • By Willie
  • on 11/10/2017

System is simple to configure and launch. Exceptional customer support. The product is slightly pricy compare to the competitors but the overall technology and support would deem worthy in the network security market.

Complete and easy to use, ActiveWatch works great

  • By Jason Siemens
  • on 11/09/2017

The Alert Logic software is the most straightforward IDS product out there. It is easy to get up and running, it detects intrusion attempts without bombarding you with notifications and Active Watch really does work, their support desk was very quick to call when we didn't have something working right.

Good product with great support but with some chinks in the armor

  • By Rahul Naripella
  • on 11/08/2017

We have been using Alert Logic for two different cloud environments. The AWS Market Place appliance is a bit complex to setup, given cross account access to cloud trail etc. Also the network configuration is a bit tricky as we had instances where the appliance failed to register or claimed by Alert Logic service. One of the network requirements was to expose port 80 of the appliance to the open internet (for device claim reasons I believe) which is a security risk IMO. This has lead to the appliance being successfully cracked in our external penetration test. As a result we had to close port 80 for the appliance, although this didn't hinder the appliance functionality. If port 80 should be exposed only temporarily for initial product claim, then AL should mention that specifically in the documentation.

The product itself is of course great with an intuitive interface and broad capabilities. The feature that we regularly use apart form ActiveWatch is vulnerability scans. This is a great tool if you are looking to assess your cloud environment for compliance standards such as PCI-DSS etc. The PCI scan feature has been very useful for us and helped us achieve compliance.

Another good thing is that the customer support is very good, with friendly support personnel who will work with you to resolve your issues and take customer feedback.

Overall satisfied with the product except for the initial hiccups during deployment and network configuration.

AL Threat Manager Interface

  • By Steel B
  • on 05/21/2015

I have been using the Alert Logic Threat Manager to support customers managing AWS implementations for over a year and have found that the management interface is very intuitive and the deployment of clients and monitoring is streamlined and well documented.

Affordable Cloud Security Solution

  • By TicketMob (New)
  • on 05/14/2015

We have been using the Alert Logic log manager and threat manager for our applications in AWS for about two years now. I like their pricing and fast email responses to questions. It works quite well for small environments.

Another Amazon Benchmark

  • By @fireDwall
  • on 05/14/2015

Simple, Crisp,"Obvious-next-steps" for setting up and Intrusion Detection for maximum application out there, that's a fishnet.
The best thing about Managing Threats,that the issue details are exact and relevant. Incident ID, which appliance with name, what class of threat, what actually happened, what may be happening, Attack details, Other pertinent symptoms, and "Not-the-old-school" list of Recommendations.

So you know, exactly where you want to look and what to look for. No beating the bush with a stick and a torch.

Low cost, highly end user experience oriented IDS. Impressive!

Works quite well for our needs

  • By KMS
  • on 05/13/2015

I had some difficulty getting things set up initially but tech support was outstanding. Having only port 443 open, I saw no activity, not even false positives which I'm accustomed to on our in house firewall. I opened up port 80 for a while and saw plenty of blocked attempts.

We've not done any pen testing yet but I'm pretty confident Threat Manager does its job quite well.

Very happy with an affordable IDS solution that works well in AWS

  • By Adam McB
  • on 05/13/2015

I have used Alert Logic hardware products in the past, and really needed a good solution in my AWS environment.

We use AWS opsworks, and I was able to create a simple chef cookbook to get the Alert Logic agent installed in a few minutes.

I didn't even realize that Alert Logic was going to research and triage alerts on my behalf, very much appreciated. Already found a few bad requests to our API that we would have never known about otherwise.