Semantic Search Technology (silver)

SST ingests, analyzes, parses, tags, and indexes files by the semantics of language and structure of the data, both structured and unstructured, to find the linkages beyond the "key word" search strategy. SST, with Natural Language Processing and advanced clustering, not only parses keywords, it also performs advanced analysis of the language and structure of the sentences, and, of the structure of the document or file. The associated topics and subtopics within the data file set are made available for your selection. Users can drill down through terabytes or even petabytes of files, and th... See more

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Best value for file management

  • By Chuck
  • on 06/29/2017

I backed up the files I want to keep and have for the future through this service into AWC. The initial set up is a little complicated so you have to pay attention to instructions. I found out that you can't select encryption for your AWS or for the Cloudberry account they give you with their SST account. I contacted them and found out they provide encryption once the files are processed and stored and if you encrypt before them, they can't process and index the files. Once I set up the Cloudberry account to create a link from my computer to the SST site in AWS, uploading files was easy. SST organizes them and arranges them so I can find the needle I want in the haystack of all my files. It gives me good visuals of what I'm doing. It is fast. Perfect file management system for everyday use on my own "big data" set.

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