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Unreliable instructions

  • By OldSysMan
  • on 12/12/2018

Product may well be fantastic, but as a total newbie trying to assess if this is the future of system backups, the documentation is apparently out of date/misleading. Where oh where is the '1-click launch' the documentation mentions? Skipping over that, I am directed to continue setup on marketplace by choosing the 'Manual Launch tab', which also doesn't exist.

So, next thought is to fire off an inquiry to tech support - but wait, I can only raise questions about 'Account or Billing' or 'Service Limit Increase', not about how to actually use the product.

And I thought Microsoft support and documentation was bad......

  • By Gav
  • on 08/07/2019

@OldSysMan - I noticed that too, but if you first select 'File gateway' as the type, you will see a Launch Instance button. Launch it from there, then go back and choose the other type

  • By steve
  • on 02/21/2019

Same rabbit hole we are in...

  • By Bhavin (AWS Storage Gateway team)
  • on 01/03/2019

Hi OldSysMan, Thanks for pointing this out to us and sincere apologies for the out of date instructions in our documentation. We will look into this further and get our documentation updated as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, if you are looking to launch Storage Gateway on Amazon EC2, we recommend to launch Storage Gateway from the EC2 console by following the path below. Amazon EC2 console -> Launch Instance -> AWS Marketplace -> (Search for Storage Gateway) -> Select (Storage Gateway) -> Continue -> (Choose the instance type you want and proceed) -> Launch Hope the above helps in launching the Storage Gateway on EC2. Thanks again for your candid feedback. Regards, Bhavin Storage Gateway team