Cloud Squeeze - AI based Cost Optimization & Right Sizing

Squeeze 7-55% cost savings from your AWS cloud spend in minutes, with no upfront cash reservations, software installs, spot instances or scheduled shutdowns . No credit card needed! This audit showing your precise excess spend, is free to use, to export and to implement savings in your AWS account. Find savings in 3 minutes of setting up secure read-only unintrusive access to your AWS generated data. No private keys, admin or S3 bucket or access to any of your private content. Leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and serverless, to determine the best value in your region, that your workloa... See more

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Only product out there that tells you if you can move instances to T2s

  • By BetaCustomerfromMass
  • on 02/13/2018

This is the only product on the the market that actually looks at your server utilization and tells you if you can save money by moving to T2 instances. There are others that will make suggestions changing between C, M, R, etc., but only Software WORX adds actually doing the hard calculations to figure-out if a T2 instance can be used instead, truly maximizing your cost savings.

They also do a great job of making recommendations for storage and snapshots that could be archived, etc.

Definitely a product that I'd recommend to anyone with a large AWS deployment like ours!

Good Cost Analyzer

  • By David
  • on 11/09/2017

Wow, I can see all the things in my account that are costing me and where I can reduce costs and how. Simple yet powerful. Keep up the good work.

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