Deep Learning AMI (Ubuntu)

Deep Learning AMI comes with popular deep learning frameworks optimized for high performance execution on Amazon EC2 instances. Includes Apache MXNet, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Caffe, Caffe2, Keras, Chainer, CNTK and Theano. The deep learning frameworks are installed in separate virtual environments to provide a reliable and secure execution environment for machine learning practitioners. The Deep Learning AMI also includes Anaconda data science distribution. The Deep Learning AMI is provided at no additional charge to Amazon EC2 users. Deep Learning frameworks are pre-configured with latest ver... See more

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Tensorflow was not using GPU

  • By Belkacem
  • on 06/13/2018

I used this AMI for 40 Hours.
and I found out why my models were very slowly trained :
tensorflow/core/common_runtime/gpu/ 406] Ignoring visible gpu device (device: 0, name: GRID K520, pci bus id: 0000:0 0:03.0, compute capability: 3.0) with Cuda compute capability 3.0. The minimum r equired Cuda capability is 3.5.

conda/3python 3.6/tensorflow
I used a GX2 instance for nothing.
Thanks a lot for the time lost

Not great

  • By Sarah
  • on 03/20/2018

This AMI did not work as I expected. I found it easier to install Tensorflow for Python from binaries myself, or using the official Docker Tensorflow image. For context I run Tensorflow for Python on MacOS and Ubuntu. It sounds like the AMI works as expected for people using Conda?

Worked out of the box

  • By Jim
  • on 03/16/2018

Really easy to use. I was able to start developing a Keras/Tensorflow model in under 5 minutes. Multi-gpu training worked as expected.

Works very well

  • By Thomas
  • on 02/16/2018

Works great. And if you have any trouble with it, there are plenty of resources available. Would recommend to anyone in need of a cloud solution for training deep learning models.

Works perfectly well!

  • By Daniel
  • on 12/18/2017

Before I found this AMI I was wasting hours trying to set up a deep learning machine on my own. It was frustrating.
This AMI works perfectly well! There are lots of Anaconda environments prepared. Create a machine, activate the environment of choice. Go! Thanks AWS!

Ubuntu Deep Learning AMI - It works

  • By Dan
  • on 11/20/2017

So lots of dated reviews with these Deep Learning AMI's.

I can confirm as of Mon Nov 2017, this AMI has everything you need to stand up deep learning on a GPU in five minutes. Conda and all the goodies are installed.

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