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    Déodat L.

A real passwordless solution, resilient and more than ready to be discovered

  • October 08, 2019
  • Review verified by G2

What do you like best?
It's the real deal when it comes to passwordless login and the SSO experience is absolutely flawless. The management of permissions, users, and their provisioning, and management of computers and AD is so far flawless. Last but not least, the many redundant login vectors you can use, although felt overkill in the beginning, are absolutely needed since the further you use, the further you discover which way for login you prefer on your PC, browsers, apps, mobile, and the vast variety of ways is important in long term use. That personalized multiplicity of opened approches make the software use a breeze and adjust to your varying tastes. Last but not least, having the 2FA (google authenticator like) backed-up, and seamlessly available in the browser extension is a feature I discovered I just loved to use. It's 2FA securely done, backed-up and very easily available. Last but not least, THE OFFLINE MODE is an ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE, and a life saver when the internet is not available and you need to unlock your computer. That feature is notably missing of nearly all their competitors and a sinequanon condition to have in my view. I understand NASA, Boeing and VISA are some of their key customers and the thinking that went behind the resilience of the app and its holistic functioning clearly shows. The ability to clone profile and lock random recovery of accounts, or delay them for admin approvals are also well designed and deployed features in the fields of typical security and recovery hazards other providers sometime have (getting convenience of recovery ahead of a the must-have ability to totally lock-down the recovery of certain highly sensitive profiles of users such as super-admin.)
What do you dislike?
SSO and Enterprise password manager along with any shared password is extremely strong. But oddly enough, the simple password manager supposed to register new passwords as you type them in websites has a surprisingly high miss ratio. Whereby a Lastpass is nearly perfect in this regard. Granted it is more designed for enterprise apps and SSO, but since this is the entry-level free version for consumers, that experience would gain to be a little more thorough. It works as advertised, it's just the pick-up rate of new or updated passwords that is lacking behind the constantly nicely performance of LastPass in this regard.

Yubikey implementation works well, but it is not linked to the security profile on the mobile app. Although not a deal killer, it duplicates the profiles that have to be maintained for a user whereby supplementing the secure profile on a smartphone with a "triple factor authentication" via Yubikey for certain very mission-critical applications would be my dream scenario.

Lastly, adaptive multi-factor authentication is a new trend. Although Sasspass has started to implement some "ip geofencing" like approach, it is not fully featured at all and is still very basic and too early to tell if good or not compared to the Adaptive Auth "full speed ahead" the others are taking. Then again, the way the security is designed centric on the smartphone and non-duplicative nature for hacking purposes, it is already a very strong solution and perhaps adaptive MFA is not that essential. Still, it is the industry trend of competitors and likely feature customers will compare, hence would be good to be developed.

Finally, this is a pet-peeve, but very little is customizable in term of colors on the web portal admin console. Not a deal killer, the layout is perfectly user-friendly, would just like to change the colors (night mode at a minimum...)
What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?
We wanted a real passwordless solution that was going to be cutting edge and holistic from an Active Directory onboarding and real Single Sign-On (SSO), password vaulting and sharing capabilities along with custom apps. All boxes were ticked with great satisfaction. We didn't come for the basic "password manager" features which remain the weakest only when new ones are created.

Surprisingly, we didn't realize however how annoying using Authenticators as 2FA on a smartphone was until we realized how pleasant it was to use it with SAASPASS browser extension.
Recommendations to others considering the product:
In the SSO space, you will come across PING & OKTA as "must-visit" providers for SSO solution. They are perfectly fine, the problem is they are the Swiss-knife solution for large corporate environments. But the reality is not everyone is a Fortune 500. SAASPASS will be 100% satisfying for any SMB, but the reality of the product is that it is EXTREMELY well designed, really simple for users, really versatile and really industrial strength. Their current roster of flagship clients (NASA being key) makes it a very reassuring choice as to the extent of the vetting they must have undergone before landing such client. I understand their offline capabilities were notably key in this regard, and it is really useful in real day-to-day life.

    Financial Services

OK Application - Poor Customer Service

  • June 25, 2019
  • Review provided by G2

What do you like best?
The 2FA portion works well but the admistration of accounts is difficult. The admin website is somewhat like a labryinth and there are multiple ways to do the same thing which makes the administration confusing.
What do you dislike?
Poor customer service, no phone number to call, system locks / foes down randomly
What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?
Multi-factor authentication.
Recommendations to others considering the product:
My company uses the SAASPASS service for providing Two Factor Authentication (2FA) to environments for our customers to access. The SAASPASS application is a little difficult to setup for windows computer environments but is manageable as long as you have someone in IT with a good knowledge of Active Directory and Windows Administration.

The app is a little more difficult from the computer setup & user setup portion online. There are multiple ways to get to the same end-goal but with different settings - so you never can really tell if you are doing something correctly (i.e adding users to groups vs computers or adding users to the SAASPASS online directory or your internal Active Directory).

For this portion I would probably give the SAASPASS app a 3 to 3.5 out of 5.

However, the SAASPASS customer service is non-existent. My company spends $5,000 a year and we don't even get a phone number to call for support (strictly email). What's worse, is that SAASPASS single-handedly locked our account (which shut down access for ALL of our customers) due to unpaid invoices. That would be fine, except SAASPASS doesn't have a billing portion on their online account so you don't know what invoices you have or how to pay them. Even further, it turns out that they were emailing someone who left our company a year ago and was completely removed from our account in every way. Why wouldn't they email the person listed under Company Contact or as Administrators on our account?

Instead they just shut down the service without warning and when we contacted them they sent us a bill for $5,000 that was only two days past due (meaning if you have even a slight delay with Accounts Payable then your service is shut off). We then had to beg them to turn the accounts on while we scrambled to pay the invoice. This is because they gave us a 24 hour window to pay the invoice or the accounts would be shut off again (sound like RansomWare to you??).

In the end, they still wouldn't provide a phone number for us to talk to anyone and we are now looking for a different provided (most likely Google Authenticator) that won't shut down access without warning or hold us hostage for a 2 day late payment.

    Information Technology and Services

2FA done well

  • September 12, 2018
  • Review provided by G2

What do you like best?
The ability to run the 2FA app on 2 devices so if i reset a device i don't lose all access points
What do you dislike?
The interface on Android is best described as functional, its not bad, it works, its recieves updates, its just not "pretty".
What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?
While Duo and Google Authenticator are great apps, if you lose a phone or default it, you lose all the 2FA information held in the app. With SaasPass the information can be backed up and run of multiple devices.
Recommendations to others considering the product:
Read the instructions, start with the obvious and speak to support

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