Univa Grid Engine

Starting from $0.02 to $8.00/hr for software + AWS usage fees

Need a turnkey High Performance Computing and/or Deep Learning cluster in minutes ... and you don't have the time to wait? Enterprise-proven Univa Grid Engine 8.5.4 is the ideal choice for workload management that scales up efficiently and effectively. Included in this product offering is Univa Unisight 4.3 the monitoring and reporting add-on designed specifically for Univa Grid Engine to provide unsurpassed visibility into the workloads you execute. Univa has baked all of this capability into a single AMI; all you need to do to is click on subscribe to get started. See more

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Works perfectly!

  • By GJSissons
  • on 02/07/2018

I just tried installing a Grid Engine cluster via the marketplace. It works exactly as advertised. I like the fact that it provisions a single node initially and makes it easy for the cluster to be scaled up and down. This allows you to start with a small cluster to get applications working and scale-up only when the cluster is needed. The fact that Unicloud and Unisight are included is a bonus.

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