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NodeJS (Powered OpenLiteSpeed)

This image gives you the ultimate NodeJS experience. OpenLiteSpeed features easy setup for SSL and RewriteRules. OLS is flexible and also supports Python and Ruby apps, as well as CMSs like WordPress. Main Components: 1. OpenLiteSpeed 2. Node.js 3. NPM 4. ACME See more

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Not easy at all

  • By a user
  • on 07/09/2019

Before started the process to issue Let's encrypt certificate, "Hello World" was shown by entering http://Server_IP. Even http://domain_name could return the same. (Off course, a browser warns the connection is not protedted but anyway "Hello World" was shown.)
However, once I sarted the process, it failed due to a 404 error. Then the 404 error became the only result when entering http://Server_IP, http://domain_name, and https://domain_name.
If the process runs successfully, maybe the setup for SSL and the server should be easy.

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