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    Brian D.

Fantastic Product & Service

  • August 27, 2019
  • Review verified by AWS Marketplace

CloudRanger has been a huge help for our small MSP business. It has enabled us to quickly set up policies for capturing EBS snapshots as well as AMIs as needed (including pruning). Also, I love the server scheduling feature, and have been using it to save my clients money by stopping / starting on-demand instances outside of business hours. It has worked flawlessly...

Last thing, the CloudRanger folks are really on top of things. I've received excellent support along the way so far. I would recommend you give it a try, you won't be disappointed.


one of life's... ok, AWS' ... little life savers

  • March 10, 2017
  • Review verified by AWS Marketplace

awesome scheduling software, with tons of options and flexibility. Also great customer support!! Did I mention, fair pricing?

Kudos to the team and looking forward to the future enhancements!
Loved your receptivity and customer engagement!



  • January 24, 2017
  • Review verified by AWS Marketplace

CloudRanger is an application which is extremely valuable to every Operations team to ensure a smooth backup of AWS instances and can help reduce costs by shutting down servers on schedule.

CloudRanger is easy to deploy and maintain and comes highly recommended.


An excellent addition for SMBs

  • January 22, 2017
  • Review verified by AWS Marketplace

It helps to solve a pain point in the Amazon Web Services architecture by allowing for the ability to automate the creation of Server snapshots (amongst other things) - this process has been both quite time consuming and finicky in the past. It is lightweight, cost effective and dynamic, and as the owner of an established tech SMB, this is exactly what we need - the competition is somewhat complex and over-egged. We will continue to use Cloudranger as part of our infrastructure management for the foreseeable future. Excellent service.

    Adrian Grayson

Fantastic product - would highly recommend

  • January 19, 2017
  • Review verified by AWS Marketplace

For the last few months, we've been using CloudRanger to automatically snapshot and rotate our EBS volumes by tag, as well as terminate servers at night when workloads are low. This has proven incredibly valuable for us as we lower costs and get assurance through automated tasks such as backups. No more cron - and no more worrying whether the cron has worked!

    Ben Rodrigue

Great product

  • January 18, 2017
  • Review verified by AWS Marketplace

It works great for our needs. We use it for automated backups and snapshotting. It was easy to setup and configure and we are happy with it. It allows us to automate some of our more time consuming, but critical, processes. Thanks!

    Chris B

Best Backup Solution and Scheduler!

  • January 18, 2017
  • Review verified by AWS Marketplace

Managing and automating our AWS process on a large scale isn't practical within Amazon's Web Console. CloudRanger helped fully automate our EC2 and RDS backup process in minutes. With fluid scheduling and searchable logs, maintaining the integrity and high availability of our EC2 instances is now a hands-off process thanks entirely to CloudRanger.


CloudRanger works for Enterprise backups

  • January 16, 2017
  • Review verified by AWS Marketplace

This product is simple to set up and does exactly what we wanted it to do. We have been using CloudRanger since our initial evaluation around 6 months ago. It offers role-based permission access to control user rights which was vital for our organization. I've also been impressed with the knowledgeable and responsive support team. I recommend CloudRanger to any organization looking for peace of mind when it comes to managing their AWS backup strategy. Special thanks to Dave, Steven and the team for their ongoing support.


CloudRanger provides peace of mind for our backups

  • January 16, 2017
  • Review verified by AWS Marketplace

We are still fairly new to AWS, so we were looking for a simple automation tool to help manage our EBS volume backups. We have been using CloudRanger for a few months now, and Iove the simplicity of the UI. At the moment we currently use it to take scheduled snapshots of our EBS volumes and to automatically delete any older snapshots over 30 days. The ability to schedule data retention times has been great for us, as we were previously forgetting to delete our older snapshots. It's saved us a lot of time and provides us with the backup strategy we required and it's always reliable. We would recommend for anyone looking to easily automate AWS backups.

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