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Sextant unlocks the value of blockchain for business. It accelerates innovation by providing enterprises with a platform that they can build upon; ensuring that they focus on business application development, not blockchain infrastructure. BTP has identified Hyperledger Sawtooth as the best emerging...

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Starting from $0.05/hr or from $399.00/yr (9% savings) for software + AWS usage fees

Hyperledger Cello is a blockchain provision and operation system, which helps manage blockchain networks in an efficient way. Cello is a blockchain module toolkit and one of the Hyperledger projects hosted by The Linux Foundation. Hyperledger Cello aims to bring the on-demand "as-a-service" deployment...

Linux/Unix, Ubuntu Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS - 64-bit Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

Starting from $0.05 to $0.05/hr for software + AWS usage fees

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with C++ toolchain, Node.js v8.11.1, and Truffle v4.1.7 installed for a complete Ethereum smart contract development environment. Both the CLI and UI versions of the Ganache private Ethereum network are installed, to make following Truffle's linked pet shop tutorial easier.

Linux/Unix, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS - 64-bit Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

Starting from $0.41 to $0.41/hr for software + AWS usage fees

BlockApps STRATO is a rapid deployment blockchain platform built for business networks. INTEGRATE - Easily integrate with legacy web applications and databases using a REST API MANAGE - Authenticate access to your APIs and protect your critical assets SEARCH - Search millions of smart contracts in seconds...

Linux/Unix, Amazon Linux Amazon Linux 2 - 64-bit Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

Starting from $0.16 to $0.16/hr for software + AWS usage fees

If you are looking to get started with Ethereum development & wants to have an out of box environment to get up & running in minutes, this AMI is for you. It includes: 1.Truffle Ethereum framework Truffle is a world class development environment, testing framework & asset pipeline for Ethereum. .Built-in...

Linux/Unix, Ubuntu 16.0.4 - 64-bit Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

The Blockchain Gateway allows you to connect your business application to any blockchain. With connectors available for Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum, Corda, Quora, Stellar and others the blockchain gateway provide a quick and flexible blockchain integration solution.

This AMI is for developing IOST Dapp, including iServer and iWallet. It contains the iServer docker image (iostio/iost-node). IServer is automatically launched via docker, and it creates a local IOST blockchain for testing. You may use iWallet to check current status: `iwallet state`. Or to get logs of...

Linux/Unix, Ubuntu bionic - 64-bit Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

Starting from $0.02 to $0.02/hr for software + AWS usage fees

Bitcoin Armory on Ubuntu 16.04 with GUI is an Ubuntu 16.04 Amazon Machine Image (AMI) that has a pre-configured version of Bitcoin Armory 0.96. Bitcoin Armory can be used to send and receive bitcoins.

Linux/Unix, Ubuntu 16.04 - 64-bit Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

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  • Version Corda Enterprise 4.0 (20190501)
  • Sold by R3

With deployment on AWS, developers can quickly and easily deploy the latest versions of Corda Enterprise. Corda enables the direct exchange of assets, unique privacy controls and proven scalability. Built for business, the platform delivers mission-critical features for enterprise IT environments. Already...

Linux/Unix, Amazon Linux 2.0.20190313 - 64-bit Amazon Machine Image (AMI)