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Population estimates for every county in the US sourced from the American Community Survey (ACS) 2014-2018 (Census Bureau), Table B01003 - Total Population. Enigma used GEOID provided by the Census Bureau to add State FIPS, State name and County FIPS, to help with analysis and joining to other...

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In response to the ongoing crisis, journalists at the New York times have made their COVID-19 dataset publicly available to help researchers, scientists and government officials better understand the COVID-19 outbreak. Data is compiled from state and local governments, as well as health...

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This dataset contains a list of the current Pregnancy Registries in research in the United States, their status and contact information. Pregnancy exposure registries are observational studies that focus on the outcome of pregnancies of women with medical conditions that require taking medications,...

Sentieon ( supplies award-winning software tools for secondary analysis of NGS data. Sentieon DNAseq and TNseq produce results identical to the Broad Institute's BWA-GATK HaplotypeCaller/MuTect/MuTect2 Best Practice Workflow by implementing the same mathematics but with...

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As this outbreak has spread globally, Chicago Department of Public Health is tracking the COVID-19 cases and deaths closely and is using data to guide its response.

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World Bank Open Data provides free and open access to various global development data. This release contains diabetes prevalence (% of population ages 20 to 79) for all countries in the world. Diabetes prevalence refers to the percentage of people ages 20-79 who have type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

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This 1-month sample dataset provides a daily snapshot of the volume of Positive, Negative and Neutral business news headlines published about a panel of over 400 publicly listed companies operating in the Health Care Sector.

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This file contains a list of key terms and metrics with definitions relevant to the data products posted here.

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H2O, a software for big-data analysis, aims to develop an analytical interface for cloud computing, providing users with intuitive tools for data analysis. The speed and flexibility of H2O allows users to fit hundreds or thousands of potential models as part of discovering patterns in data.

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