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Using the latest Artificial Intelligence components, Bigfinite can help you create your own root cause discovery test and convert your seemingly confusing and unrelated data into predictable content. Specifically, Bigfinite's AI Outlier Detection algorithm will enhance the predictability of your...

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One of Office of Health Equity's (OHE) objectives, as identified in the VHA Health Equity Action Plan, is to raise awareness and form partnerships in pursuit of equitable health for all Veterans. Towards this goal and with the support of VA Office of Policy and Planning, the OHE worked with the...

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This listing contains daily updates with the latest end-of-day prices and corporate actions at ~20:40 CT each trading day. It contains access to current year information only. This data set is for trial purposes only and may not be stored or redistributed.

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Sensifai offers automatic audio recognition and tagging. For example, our basic software recognizes hundreds of different sound categories like musical instruments, natural sounds, and machinery audios. In Sagemaker platform, you can easily fine-tune this software to recognize a new set of audios...

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Free Trial's Construction Machines Detector can be used to get the exact position of construction site machines within an image. Our detector will give you the bounding box coordinates and class of each machine within your image. You'll be able to detect excavators, trucks, drillrigs, and more!

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Classify skin images which potentially contain diseases. This model was trained on acne rosacea, actinic keratosis, bascell cell carcinoma, benign keratosis, eczema, melanoma, nevus, or vascular issues. This model is not intended for medical use or diagnosis.

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