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Net household saving is defined as household net disposable income plus the adjustment for the change in pension entitlements less household final consumption expenditure (households also include non-profit institutions serving households).

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Core Places is a dataset containing business listing information about points-of-interest (POI) such as location name, street address, industry, lat/long and brand. Covers locations for post offices, UPS Store, FedEx Office, and other shipping services (NAICS codes 491110, 492110), both for major...

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Detect humans in both daytime and low light conditions using the CVEDIA ELEOS Perimeter Security Detector. Built to be environmentally agnostic, this model will function in both urban and rural environments. ELEOS is able to distinguish humans from common wildlife mammals, and was developed using...

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This trial dataset provides access to 100 rows of restaurants and food delivery products from Uber Eats in Argentina. Available data has been translated to English and the locations have been mapped to Google Places for geolocation enrichment.

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This comprehensive report provides a valuable recap of each retail month’s weathertrends and their impacts on store traffic and seasonal demand. Highlighting both regional and national temperature and precipitation trends, this report provides insights into why category demand may have been up or...

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This comprehensive weekly report recaps the previous week's weather and provides a forecast for the next 4 weeks for the contiguous Spain. Expert commentary provided by Weather Trends International’s team of experienced business meteorologists on the impactful weather trends and events occurring...