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Investics DARTS (Data Aggregation Remediation Transformation Service) sample trial data set. DARTS provides automated data delivery services for institutional investors' cloud and non-cloud systems and platforms. This sample trial data set provides a limited set of pre-determined portfolio...

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The Clinical Trials Registry and Results Database compiles information on publicly and privately supported clinical trial studies on a wide range of diseases and conditions. Its main goal is to provide an easy access to both privately and publicly funded clinical trials information for patients,...

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This dataset contains 4552 observations and 97 variables. This dataset is from The World Health Organization Multicentre Acute Respiratory Infection (WHO ARI) Study of Clinical Signs and Etiological Agents of Pneumonia, Sepsis, and Meningitis in Young Infants.

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This resource contains an archived collection of datasets from Carnegie Mellon University Delphi Research Group's COVID-19 Surveillance Streams Data (COVIDcast). Delphi's COVIDcast datasets are based on a variety of data sources including a CMU-run Facebook health survey, a Google-run health...

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This updated problem list subset includes concepts that KP (Kaiser Permanente) uses within Hematology and Onoclogy Problem Lists. There are 6,934 SNOMED CT (Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine – Clinical Terms) concepts in the file and includes mappings to ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM. This dataset is...