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US consumer survey data modeled to Zip Code level. Data file lists the percentage answers for the question “On a scale from 1-5, (with "1" being "Strongly Disagree" and "5" being "Strongly Agree"), please indicate to what extent you agree or disagree with the following statements: Existing U.S....

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A Company's eCHO B2B Intent Score on all given Consumer Protection and Labor Technology topics. Each record will provide Company, Main Category, SubCategory, Topic, Intent Velocity Score, Street, Suite, City, State, and Zip

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This data set contains deterministic hashed device-level visitation data to relevant Cell Phone Store Point of Interest Locations in the US and Canada. Each revision to the data set contains one day's worth of processed visitation data. Data is provided via the Kochava Collective's SDK-based GPS...

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This listing consists of a dataset containing the complete Electronic Medical Records related to veteran hyperlipidemia related disease conditions over 1000 patients within the United States. The data is simulated based on clinical knowledge and census demographics.

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Elevate your analysis and marketing with an improved understanding of local markets. Acxiom’s InfoBase Geo files are the premier source of aggregated consumer data for powering location analysis. The Interest Attributes file encompasses summarized consumer household interests within twelve...

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The Monthly TSX & TSX Venture Security Master Data File provides a comprehensive month end summary of the most recent securities reference data, such as issue name, symbol, nature of business, outstanding shares, company name, as well as name changes, splits, listing, suspension and delisting...

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Over 70 attributes about each of the 850,000+ property lots in New York City, including square footage, owner name, year built, and tax assessed value.

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Hungary Consumer Segmentation provides a powerful set of consumer classification systems that assess the socio-economic and geodemographic portraits of neighborhoods across Hungary. It consists of analysis variables and two segmentation systems, including international and market-optimized...