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A Company's eCHO B2B Intent Score on all given Place Of Work, Diversity, Policy, Culture, Wellness, and Safety Technology topics. Each record will provide Company, Main Category, SubCategory, Topic, Intent Velocity Score, Street, Suite, City, State, and Zip

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Daily transaction data from millions of US consumers aggregated by Merchant; 1,600 Merchants and 430 Tickers tracked. Panel is all debit, the fastest growing and largest consumer payment type in the US.

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Country programmable aid (CPA) is the proportion of aid that is subjected to multi-year programming at country level, and hence represents a subset of official development assistance (ODA) outflows.

This Pandemic Propensity Model determines the probability that a US adult is Planning to Buy Furniture. Lift over Random 1.39 This Pandemic Propensity model is one of a series of consumer classification models based on data from over 24,000 US adults surveyed between April to June 2020 from...

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Prosper Insights & Analytics' propensity model predicts the probability that a U.S. adult consumer has a specific health condition. Based on a set of basic demographics, the model identifies individuals who are likely to have the health condition. The model was trained with data from Prosper's...

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Unbxd AI NER can be used to extract the underlying user intent on Fashion eCommerce sites or enriching any form of short text with eCommerce intent. Unbxd AI model can detect entities like Brand, Color, Category, Sub-Category, Gender, Size, and Pattern.

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This listing contains a dataset covering waterborne exports of gasoil/diesel and jet fuel from India over a period of 2 years. This data is updated on a weekly basis.

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This product includes anonymous visitation data in the US to Box Stores, starting with Feb 2020. More data can be included on a historical and go-forward basis. Explore mobile location visitation data. Refine your understanding and use cases based on the available data and insights you can...

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This data sample contains comprehensive business information on U.S. companies that operate as Restaurants from Equifax’s U.S. Commercial Marketing Data File. For questions or assistance, please contact