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The study published on the Children Digital Watches market is a systematic review that includes key parameters and indicators that are crucial to market understanding. The data from the years 2020 to 2026 is used to show the status and size of the market. The report also includes a total market...

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This release contains information on the returns of United States House elections from 1976-2018. There's data for each county in the United States, how many votes were cast on a candidate who represented their political party (i.e. Democrat, Republican, etc.), and total votes for each county....

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WorldView sociodemographics and disposable income data for Spain in 250m grids. Data is provided in GIS-ready file geodatabase format (FGDB).

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How a cohort of consumers is spending time with different businesses indicates how preferences are evolving and what the “new normal” looks like. Share shift intelligence can predict market share trends and revenue for a business, category, or market. Analyze share shifts from a target company to...

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides free and open access to various health related data. This release contains rate of deaths by age/gender (per 100,000 population) for people killed in crashes involving a driver with BAC =>0.08%, 2012. 2012 Source: Fatality Analysis Reporting...