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Price $36,000 | 12 month subscription available.

Gain actionable insights by tracking trends, commonalities and outliers from a cross-section of medication class populations. Sourced from self-reported and de-identified data this product provides valuable insights about med combination trends.

Price $9,650 | 12 month subscription available.

WorldView sociodemographics and disposable income data for Singapore. Data is provided in GIS-ready file geodatabase format (FGDB).

Price $2,350 | 1 month subscription available.

Growth Opportunities in the Asia-Pacific Payment Gateway market look promising over the forecast period. Surge in the number of online transactions coupled with technological advancements in mobile payments, emergence of new payment methods such as cash pooling and increased usage of mobile wallets...

Price $15,000 | 12 month subscription available.

This listing contains a combined dataset of US exports, including US waterborne exports of crude oil, gasoline, distillate fuels and fuel oil over a period of 2 years. This data is updated on a weekly basis.

Prices starting at $1,500 | 1 and 12 month subscriptions available.

This data set contains deterministic hashed device-level visitation data to relevant National Park Point of Interest Locations in the US and Canada. Each revision to the data set contains one day's worth of processed visitation data. Data is provided via the Kochava Collective's SDK-based GPS...

Price $76,800 | 12 month subscription available.

These insights will help you monitor business performance and can be used to inform both national and local ad strategies to support your store locations, if they will remain open, and/or your e-commerce strategy during the recession that has resulted from the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

Free | 12 month subscription available.

This release contains information on M2, which consists of M1, savings deposits, small-denomination time deposits, and balances in retail money market mutual funds. Since this is seasonally adjusted, M2 is computed by summing the latter three factors up, which are seasonally adjusted individually,...