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Price $31,500 | 12 month subscription available.

Quantifying the impact of weather on a business requires a deep historical database that is accurate, comprehensive and relevant for your exact business location. Weather Source’s archive of past weather data, available in hourly and daily format, goes back to the year 2000 and with its 21...

Price $16,000 | 12 month subscription available.

This data excerpt contains comprehensive business information on U.S. companies that have between $5M and $9.99M Annual Revenue from Equifax’s U.S. Commercial Marketing Data File. For questions or assistance, please contact

Price $30,000 | 12 month subscription available.

A Company's eCHO B2B Intent Score on all given Hr Tech and Hr Companies Technology topics. Each record will provide Company, Main Category, SubCategory, Topic, Intent Velocity Score, Street, Suite, City, State, and Zip

Price $14,500 | 12 month subscription available.

Geographic Revenue Database uncovers a company's revenue geographical exposure to better evaluate macroeconomic trends and geopolitical risk.

Prices starting at $25,000 | 1 and 12 month subscriptions available.

Price Driven Consumers prefer familiar brands, will choose generic or store-brands to save money but love coupons for brand names. All data is de-identified and cannot be used to identify individual consumers.

Prices starting at $1,700 | 1 and 12 month subscriptions available.

In the dataset, you will find the previous month's s daily Pollen information for 135 geolocation in 15 cities in the GB. The data is in a newline JSON format where every line is a BreezoMeter API result. We will be happy to provide data for customer location and duration. please contact...

Free | 1 month subscription available.

Household Informed Audience is comprised of consumers that believe in making decisions as a family when it’s time to choose brands for products or companies for service. They seek American-made when available and are comparison shoppers.

Product Demand Forecasting generates 36 months of forward forecast of the demand using historical data. It uses ensemble ML algorithms with automatic model selection algorithms. This solution provides consistent and better results due to its ensemble learning approach. This solution performs...

Model Package - Fulfilled on Amazon SageMaker

Price $214 | 1 month subscription available.

The Monthly TSX & TSX Venture Exchange Security Master Data File provides a comprehensive month end summary of the most recent securities reference data, such as issue name, symbol, nature of business, outstanding shares, company name, as well as name changes, splits, listing, suspension and...