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This data set contains deterministic hashed device-level visitation data to relevant Airport Point of Interest Locations in the US and Canada. Each revision to the data set contains one day's worth of processed visitation data. Data is provided via the Kochava Collective's SDK-based GPS mobile...

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This listing consists of a dataset containing the complete Electronic Medical Records related to lupus erythematosus related disease conditions over 1000 patients within the United States. The data is simulated based on clinical knowledge and census demographics.

Univariate time series are datasets comprised of a single series of observations with a sequential ordering and a model is required to learn from the series of past observations to predict the next value in the sequence. This algorithm aims to do the same using one dimensional convolutional neural...

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Examine daily medication consumption patterns of self-reported and de-identified patients taking an immunomodulator to gain insight about specific behaviors. The snapshot includes detailed breakdown of adherence/persistence data by medication, including overdosing, number and timeliness of missed...

When given text, this inference model identifies related product categories to customers to promote cross selling. We understand how people associate a category or a product with another in their minds.

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Trained on Novetta’s hand-tagged data, this model allows users to classify text into one of the following categories: - European Defense Spending - European Domestic Policy - European Foreign Policy - EU Cohesion - EU Membership - EU Policy - NATO Membership - NATO Organizational Structure - NATO...

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Datomic Cloud is a new kind of database, designed to be: - Transactional (ACID compliant and always consistent) - Elastically read scalable (built for AWS auto-scaling) - Immutable (accumulating facts over time) - Queryable (via Datomic datalog, a powerful declarative query language) - Flexible (in...