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A high frequency of issues can generate an overwhelming number of customer complaint tickets and incorrect delegation to teams to handle them. This leads to a spike in MTTR (mean time taken to resolve) and a dip in FCR (First Call Resolution). The solution mitigates these issues by training a...

Algorithm - Fulfilled on Amazon SageMaker

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The study published on the Motorcycle Oil market is a systematic review that includes key parameters and indicators that are crucial to market understanding. The data from the years 2020 to 2026 is used to show the status and size of the market. The report also includes a total market value for the...

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Australia Consumer Segmentation provides a powerful set of consumer classification systems that assess the socio-economic and geodemographic portraits of neighborhoods across Australia. It consists of analysis variables and two segmentation systems including international and market-optimized...

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The Monthly TSX & TSX Venture Security Master Data File provides a comprehensive month end summary of the most recent securities reference data, such as issue name, symbol, nature of business, outstanding shares, company name, as well as name changes, splits, listing, suspension and delisting...

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The emergence of active nutrition is triggering significant growth of the micellar casein market. In recent times, active nutrition is no longer limited to professional bodybuilders and athletics; health and wellness are stimulating the consumer interest in micellar casein. Manufacturers are...

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A Company's eCHO B2B Intent Score on all given Entertainment Companies and Motion Pictures Technology topics. Each record will provide Company, Main Category, SubCategory, Topic, Intent Velocity Score, Street, Suite, City, State, and Zip

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Content: EOD files of TRACE data enriched with T, I, G, and Z spreads Date Range: October 2016 through most recent completed calendar month Update Frequency: Monthly, by first business day of new month Price: $1,000 / month.  Please contact regarding pricing for >1 year