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Quality First Shoppers value quality brands and will not compromise on their standards. They know the price for every product or service and always shop around. Their online shopping crosses all categories. They prefer samples over coupons.

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home improvement, furniture, hardware, garden, couch, bed, home depot, home goods, ikea

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The Extend of Area Germany provides information on the extend of areas on the granular marketing areas KGS14PLZ. The data is a great addition to population or household data on this level, allowing you to understand population or household density and to use this in your analysis of local markets.

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The Monthly TSX & TSX Venture Exchange Security Master Data File provides a comprehensive month end summary of the most recent securities reference data, such as issue name, symbol, nature of business, outstanding shares, company name, as well as name changes, splits, listing, suspension and...

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TransUnion's US Small Business Financial Health data set includes annual sales revenue in ranges, years in business, and growth classification (growing vs mature). TransUnion's business data covers 25 million unique businesses from over 70 data sources. Data is anonymized and updated quarterly. It...