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TensorFlow™ is an open source software library for high performance numerical computation. Its flexible architecture allows easy deployment of computation across a variety of platforms (CPUs and GPUs), and from desktops to clusters of servers to mobile and edge devices.

TensorRT Inference Server provides a data center inference solution optimized for NVIDIA GPUs. It maximizes inference utilization and performance on GPUs via an HTTP or gRPC endpoint, allowing remote clients to request infrerence for any model that is being managed by the server, as well as...

NVIDIA TensorRT is a C++ library that facilitates high performance inference on NVIDIA graphics processing units (GPUs). TensorRT takes a trained network, which consists of a network definition and a set of trained parameters, and produces a highly optimized runtime engine which performs inference...

NVIDIA's GPU-optimized container for PyTorch. PyTorch enables fast, flexible experimentation and efficient production through distributed training, a hybrid front-end and an ecosystem of tools and libraries.

MXNet is a deep learning framework that allows you to mix the flavors of symbolic programming and imperative programming to maximize efficiency and productivity.

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