About HotRiot.com

HotRiot is a SaaS, server-side processing engine tailored for Web/mobile app development. HotRiot allows you to create fully interactive, data-driven apps with just HTML and (optionally) JavaScript. No servers or server code required. And Building cross-platform mobile apps is a snap. HotRiot is directly accessible from the client, letting you to build your apps entirely with HTML, CSS and JavaScript and is fully compatible with development frameworks such as jQuery and jQuery Mobile. HotRiot supports, as an option, deep integration with our clients own AWS S3, CloudFront, RDS and SES accounts, providing unlimited document and data storage with high performance content delivery, sophisticated bulk email processing and real-time event notifications. HotRiot sits invisibly in the back-end allowing you to build features into your application that would normally require months of work from a programmer, in just days, without server-side programming. Of course, if needed, HotRiot will work with your existing back-end and can interoperate with existing services. Leverage the power of HotRiot and experience a better way to create rich Web applications quickly.

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