Financial Services Solutions in AWS Marketplace

Innovative cloud-based solutions to improve the customer experience, manage risk, and drive business growth.


Accelerate innovation and transform

Financial institutions are accelerating innovation and digital transformation by leveraging cloud software solutions and harnessing insight from data at scale. AWS Marketplace offers a curated catalog of third-party solutions that can help you create innovative experiences with next-gen solutions, accelerate time to market and enhance the digital experience, comply with regulations, and unlock the potential of financial data.  Whether you are in banking, capital markets, payments, or insurance organizations, AWS Marketplace can help you easily discover, procure, deploy, and manage cloud technology and data solutions.

Cloud solutions spanning across the financial services industry

Optimize critical aspects of banking operations – from customer service delivery models to risk management – to build a foundation for innovation and growth.

Safely build for the most security-sensitive enterprises and applications, with integrated audit friendly service features for PCI and other compliance standards.

Enable an agile infrastructure to optimize and innovate your business, deepen customer relationships, and improve risk profiles.

Innovate and transform to move faster, better service customers, and increase shareholder value.

AWS Marketplace financial services catalog

Accelerate time to market, enhance the digital experience, comply with regulations, and unlock the potential of financial data. Discover solutions for banking, payments, insurance, and capital markets that create innovative experiences and strengthen resiliency and customer confidence.

Use cases for financial services in the cloud

See how to use innovative cloud technologies and third-party data solutions available in AWS Marketplace.
  • Drive growth with data and innovation
  • Datasets

    FSI datasets for cloud financial services | AWS Marketplace
    Subscribe to third-party data to power modeling, trading strategies, market analysis, and business planning.


    Financial Services solutions for cloud analytics icon | AWS Marketplace
    Collect, store, manage, and transmit financial services data across information systems and applications.


    Machine learning as a financial services solution icon | AWS Marketplace
    Harness the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to transform customer experiences, automate processes, and accelerate workflows.

    Crypto & Blockchain

    Financial services solutions for Crypto & Blockchain icon | AWS Marketplace
    Improve business processes with trusted data exchange and workflow while disrupting the status quo.


    Better claims outcomes via financial services solutions icon | AWS Marketplace
    Minimize the impact or risk to your business, delivering certainty in uncertain times and better claims outcomes.

    Time series

    Cloud financial services for predictive outcomes icon | AWS Marketplace
    Understand and predict future outcomes, improving business processes, costs, and savings.
  • Strengthen security and resiliency
  • Compliance

    Compliance managment for financial services icon | AWS Marketplace
    Reduce risk and maintain compliance with industry policies and regulations.


    Security in financial services cloud icon | AWS Marketplace

    Heighten security posture and secure sensitive data from potential cybersecurity attacks and ongoing threats.

    Access Control

    Secure access control through cloud financial services icon | AWS Marketplace

    Secure and control access to consumer and company data, eliminating risk and preventing security issues.

  • Modernize core systems
  • IT infrastructure

    IT infrastructure foundation for financial services icon | AWS Marketplace
    Build an infrastructure foundation that is efficient and compliant with modern data structures, analytics, and devices.

    Core modules

    Core modules for financial management solutions icon | AWS Marketplace
    Enhance financial management systems with innovative digital solutions, streamlining business processes and workflows.

    Gateways and messaging

    Messaging solutions for cloud financial services icon | AWS Marketplace
    Improve digital communications through next gen technology, amplifying consumer satisfaction and maximizing profitability.

Listen to the latest podcast

Gain insights from Financial Services thought leaders as they share their thoughts on how to leverage innovative technologies to change the face of the industry and meet consumer demands.

FinServ Podcast episode 1

Shaheen Kanda, Financial Services & Insurance Lead – AWS Technology Partnerships, talks with Thierry Bonfante, Chief Product Officer at Unqork, about how leaders can find their way through the hype and deliver true value with Generative AI in the Financial Services industry. They discuss workflow innovations and how Generative AI influences the future and provides real value for customers.

FinServ Podcast episode 2

Shaheen Kanda, Financial Services & Insurance Lead – AWS Technology Partnerships, talks with Thomas Kunnumpurath, Vice President of Systems Engineering for Americas at Solace, about how event-driven architecture and real-time data innovation is becoming increasingly relevant to businesses within Capital Markets. They discuss trends that Solace is seeing amongst their customers, both within and beyond financial services.

Key benefits of cloud financial services

Selection, speed, and agility

Quickly procure and deploy products from financial services partners that address your need to unlock the value of data and innovate the customer experience.

Flexible pricing and terms

Access pricing options that give you the flexibility to test software, pay as you go, negotiate custom terms, and save money with long-term commitments.

Control and governance

Centralize governance, innovate quickly, and launch healthcare software or third-party data products that align with your policies and compliance requirements.

The Forrester New Wave™: SaaS Marketplaces, Q2 2020 report recognizes AWS Marketplace as a Leader, and states that we provide advanced features relevant for procurement.

Cloud financial services resources

Learn about the latest financial services solutions for creating innovative experiences, accelerating time to market, and strengthening resiliency and customer confidence with resources from AWS Marketplace.
Learn how Accenture and AWS Marketplace are working together to help organizations transform their business and innovate the customer experience.
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Learn how time series database solutions in AWS Marketplace can help you collect, manage, and analyze mission-critical market data while maximizing efficiency.
Learn how solutions in AWS Marketplace can help guide you on your modernization journey.
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Why buy in AWS Marketplace?

AWS Marketplace is a curated digital catalog that makes it easy to find, testbuy, and deploy the third-party software you want, with the simplified procurement and controls you need.

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