Financial services solutions in AWS Marketplace

Cloud-based solutions to improve the customer experience, manage risk, and enable innovation.

From capital markets and insurance, to global investment banks, payments, and emerging fintech startups, AWS helps customers innovate, modernize, and transform. Solutions in AWS Marketplace can provide financial institutions with the competitive edge in a cost-sensitive and technology-forward industry.

Improve customer service by creating the on-demand, personalized experiences that customers expect.

Strengthen your business system and software infrastructure to manage and mitigate risks and compliance.

Migrate and build on an efficient and responsive technology stack that can improve speed-to-market.


The financial services industry has seen margins tighten over the past decade due to the rise of cloud-first growth. This industry evolution has led many financial institutions to increase their adoption of cloud technology to help:

Gain and retain customers: Customers today expect intuitive, personalized, and on-demand services. This requires not just a high level of customer service, but also a holistic digital experience so customers may enjoy seamless access to their accounts and assets. Strengthening the customer experience is critical to competitiveness.

Mitigate risk: Intrusions are becoming more sophisticated and are often aimed at multiple targets. Security departments and tools need to recognize these patterns to avoid vulnerabilities. Financial institutions should consider an integrated approach with intelligent technologies to keep their customers and themselves protected.

Manage compliance: Globally, regulations are evolving and proliferating. For example, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is designed to harmonize data privacy laws across Europe and protect citizens data privacy. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) detail security requirements for businesses to store, process or transmit cardholder data. Organizations can proactively use solutions to identify and address compliance before it comes into a regulator’s view.

Maintain margins: In any competitive market, margin pressure is a constant. Financial institutions need solutions that can provide better ROI from technology investments, and drive cost and productivity efficiencies.

Unleash insights: Many financial services organizations are burdened with legacy systems, siloed data, and underutilized data lakes, machine learning capabilities and artificial intelligence technologies. This can hinder innovation and cost unnecessary storage and license fees. Organizations can utilize their data to produce actionable insights that may drive new solutions and efficiencies.

Cloud platforms are key to financial services transformation
Financial services transformation through innovation, modernization, and agility

This paper provides a high level overview of the strategies leveraged in delivering cloud based technologies that are successfully helping transform the financial services market.

Financial services use cases

Below are just a few samples of the capabilities that AWS Marketplace sellers can bring to address the challenges, and support the initiatives and goals, of financial services organizations.


Improve and transform the customer experience

Time series database for the financial industry

Manage data sequentially to facilitate real-time trading and analytics in financial markets processes.

Real-time data integration

Enable informed business decisions with real-time event processing.

Ready-to-use data science clusters

Improve productivity across the machine learning lifecycle by bringing together disparate tools.

Customer service machine learning models

Predict the closest intent for a given question about banking services.

Secure customer verification

Voice biometric solutions solve fraud and service issues that traditional forms of identity verification encounter.

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Manage risks and compliance

Privacy management and compliance

Manage data privacy practices and compliance with data regulations, such as the recently introduced GDPR.

Cloud compliance

Define, implement and execute policies to improve regulatory/compliance standards are met.

Operational intelligence

Mitigate risks, improve performance, and reduce costs with real-time operational insights.

Data management and security

Store and manage data encryption keys while receiving a controlled gate for policy and release decisions.

Endpoint protection

Help protect and secure against zero-day exploits, attacks, and data leakage.

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Modernize infrastructure and processes

Secure Payments

Improve the customer experience with a reliable and high-performing transportation system, that is both PCI-DSS compliant and secure.

Financial message integration

Lower costs, risks, and inefficiencies that come from formatting errors with APIs for validating NACHA ISO20022 based messages.

Workload mobility

Enable faster migration to AWS by capturing host server, configuration, and network states.

Application profiling

Monitor applications for productivity, security, and compliance.

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Why buy in AWS Marketplace

AWS Marketplace is a digital catalog of software products offered by third-party software and service sellers that complement AWS solutions. Financial services organizations can easily discover, test, deploy, and manage their software with one consolidated view for governance and asset management. With AWS Marketplace, organizations can deliver better customer service experiences, keep security and compliance at the forefront, and accelerate innovation while maintaining cost.

AWS Marketplace can make it easier for organizations to:

Expedite migration

Expedite migration to facilitate innovation and speed-to-market, by leveraging AWS and AWS Marketplace solutions, tools and consulting partners. This allows organizations to reach their modernization goals faster while increasing business and operational agility.

Accelerate machine learning capabilities

Accelerate machine learning capabilities with a curated catalog of algorithms and models purpose-built for financial services use cases. This can expedite insight-gathering, facilitate innovation, and allow for more rapid experimentation.

Support compliance and security needs

Support compliance and security needs with the ability to create a customizable, private catalog of organization-approved software solutions. Organizations can also bring their own license to centralize pre-approved software that facilitates governance.

Transform the procurement process
Transform procurement to enable a faster speed-to-market. Purchasing can be simplified with a repository of contract templates containing standardized license terms from select vendors. Learn more
Financial Services

APN Partners with the AWS Financial Services Competency offer solutions custom-built for financial institutions to manage risk, streamline operations, and sustain growth.

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Have questions? Have tips?

We're here to help you get started with AWS Marketplace. Ask for or give advice on the AWS Marketplace discussion forum.