Disaster recovery (DR) solutions keep systems running in emergency situations

Healthcare and life sciences organizations need effective disaster recovery solutions to protect patients and the bottom line. That’s an increasing challenge with growing IT infrastructures that typically have many different systems operating interdependently. Adding, and then managing, more servers can be time-consuming and expensive.

Moving to a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) DR solution delivers several key advantages that are critical for healthcare and life sciences organizations, including the ability to avoid the large capital expenses associated with building or expanding a secondary site. As organizations keep growing, SaaS solutions make it possible to scale as needed to meet ever-increasing infrastructure demands. Simplifying DR management also frees IT teams to focus on other mission-critical initiatives with a more direct impact on the quality of care.

Disaster Recovery


CloudEndure Disaster Recovery

CloudEndure Disaster Recovery is a one-touch DR solution that ensures a near-zero Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) for all applications, while reducing many traditional DR expenses.

CloudEndure offers both Tier 1 and Tier 2 DR. Each tier provides a different level of functionality at a different price, so organizations can choose the most cost-effective solution for all workloads based on how critical they are.

CloudEndure Disaster Recovery is available on AWS Marketplace as a SaaS Contract and a SaaS Subscription, which means AWS customers can sign up directly through their AWS accounts and start replicating machines straight away — no paperwork, no long-term commitment, no minimum number of machines.

CloudEndure Disaster Recovery
Health Quest

Health Quest cuts costs in half with CloudEndure

Health Quest, an integrated delivery healthcare system, was growing and needed a cloud-DR solution that could support its mix of physical and virtual servers.

After quickly implementing CloudEndure Disaster Recovery on hundreds of servers, Health Quest’s recovery point objective (RPO) dropped to two minutes in most cases, and the company cut costs in half by reducing the size of its secondary site.

Rob Gilliland's quote
The majority of our disaster recovery is sitting in the cloud with CloudEndure. This downsizing has resulted in about 50% cost savings.
- Rob Gilliland, CTO, Health Quest
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Have questions? Have tips?

We're here to help you get started with AWS Marketplace. Ask for or give advice on the AWS Marketplace discussion forum.