Identity and Access Management (IAM)

IT professionals need to grant and manage users’ access to the right resources when requested. Solutions in AWS Marketplace establish, monitor, and enforce identity and access management policies within an organization.

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Auth0 Identity Platform is an Identity as a Service platform that integrates authentication and authorization for web, mobile, and legacy applications. It simplifies the management of complex identity solutions by providing prebuilt, secure logins, and APIs. Using Auth0, businesses can increase time to market (TTM) for integrations that require IAM.

Auth0 Identity Platform features include:

  • Universal login and single sign-on (SSO)
  • Multiple authentication sources including social and enterprise
  • User management scalable to tens of millions of users
  • Passwordless user login

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A Cloud Guru

A Cloud Guru needed to get its product out to market quickly and did not have time to build its own identity platform within that time frame. Adopting Auth0, the company was able to meet the tight deadlines and provide secure credentials to its users. Since then, more than 800,000 of A Cloud Guru’s learners use Auth0 to login.

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Customers want to know that their data is going to be protected and secured, and identity is a critical part of that. Having confidence that the systems that hold their very personal information… is really critical. That’s why we like to use Auth0.

John McKim, VP Product & Technology, A Cloud Guru


OneLogin cloud-based identity and access management (IAM) allows IT teams to centrally manage and provision access for users accessing AWS resources. OneLogin’s authentication and role-based user provisioning engine implements least-privileged access controls and reduces user management workflows. This helps you implement secure and scalable authentication experiences across your AWS environment.

OneLogin cloud-based features include:

  • Single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) for AWS and corporate applications
  • Automatically grant access with just-in-time (JIT) user provisioning
  • Comprehensive reporting of logins, access, and provisioning
  • Compatible with third-party authenticators, such as Duo and Yubikey

How it works

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Herman Miller

Herman Miller, a globally recognized furnishings provider, wanted to streamline web application integration and app user support. The company selected OneLogin due to their large application catalog and superior customer service. OneLogin has helped Herman Miller support 23,000 users (9,000 internal and 14,000 external users) and securely integrate 300 custom web applications. Herman Miller has also reduced application integration and rollout times from up to 32 days to as little as 30 minutes.

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OneLogin enables us to move at the speed of the cloud, making it easy for my team to support our users’ dynamic application needs while meeting our company’s evolving security requirements.

Rob Williams, Director, Global Technology Operations, Herman Miller

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Have questions? Have tips?

We're here to help you get started with AWS Marketplace. Ask for or give advice on the AWS Marketplace discussion forum.