16.12.01a Usage Instructions for Cisco Cloud Services Router (CSR) 1000V - AX Pkg. Max Performance

Complete the following steps to launch a CSR 1000V AMI: 1. Locate the CSR 1000V product page by searching the AWS Marketplace for 'CSR 1000V'. 2. On the CSR 1000V product page, click the 'Continue' button. 3. Use either the 'Launch with EC2 Console' tab to complete the deployment of a CSR 1000V AMI. Select the correct version and region, and click the 'Launch with EC2 Console' button. 4. The Launch Instances Wizard will open. Select the desired instance type and click 'Next'. 5. Select your desired VPC environment in the 'Network' pull-down menu. 6. Select your desired IP subnet for the first CSR 1000V network interface in the 'Subnet' pull-down menu. 7. Add any additional network interfaces, and select the appropriate subnet for each to connect to. 8. Click 'Review and Launch', and then review the information for correctness. 9. If the information is correct, click 'Launch', and then either select an existing key pair to use for authentication, or create a new key pair. If you create a key pair, make sure to download and save the private key. 10. Click 'Launch Instances'. 11. From the AWS Console, wait for your instance to indicate a state of 'running'. It may take a few moments after that point, before you can connect to your CSR 1000V instance. Connect to your instance using an SSH client, and the private SSH key selected or created earlier in these steps. Example: ssh -i mykeypair.pem ec2-user@myhostname.compute-1.amazonaws.com 12. If you need management access to your CSR 1000V from outside of your VPC, you will need to create an Elastic IP and associate it with one of the CSR 1000V network interfaces. 13. Once SSH has connected, you should be at the IOS XE command prompt on the CSR 1000V. You may now begin configuring your instance. We recommend a simple 'show run' to break the ice. * Please note- versions prior to 16.9.1 are not compatible with c5 instance types