Direct-to-Consumer & Streaming

Supporting the world’s leading direct-to-consumer and streaming platforms with more purpose-built capabilities than any cloud

AWS offers the most purpose-built services for direct-to-consumer (D2C) & streaming, helping leaders like Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Peacock, Discovery+, HULU, and Prime Video reliably deliver, monetize, and support live and on-demand media over the internet, and bring unparalleled experiences to screens everywhere. 

AWS has more than 15 years of media & entertainment experience, with AWS Elemental continuing to lead the industry with services such as AWS Elemental MediaLive, a broadcast-grade live video processing service, and AWS Elemental MediaConvert, a file-based video transcoding service with broadcast-grade features. More than 60 AWS Partners offer tools to support D2C & Streaming workloads.


Leading D2C & Streaming customers building on AWS


Learn how Netflix uses AWS to power its business and deliver award-winning entertainment to more than 100 million members.


Video streaming service Peacock used AWS services, including Amazon EC2, to build a fully cloud-based infrastructure and achieve a flawless launch in just one year.

Disney + Hotstar

Hear how Hotstar (Disney's OTT streaming service), scaled to create a global record for live streaming to 25.3 million concurrent viewers and runs gamedays before facing live games.


Using a suite of AWS services, including Amazon CloudFront, Kiswe set a Guiness World Record for the largest live streaming ticketed concert with over 750,000 viewers.


Move faster with purpose-built services, solutions, and partners

With more purpose-built AWS Media Services and solutions for streaming than any other cloud, customers can move faster in developing, launching, and expanding investments in consumer and streaming experiences for high-quality live sports, news, on-demand, and personalized content. And, with more partners supporting D2C workloads than any other cloud, customers can deploy ready-made solutions running on AWS to accelerate time to value. 

15+ years of experience in video technology and streaming

AWS has more than 15 years of industry experience supporting leading streaming platforms globally. AWS offers Technology and Engineering Emmy® Award-winning innovations in video quality and transcoding speed, with Quality-Defined Variable Bitrate (QVBR), which enables customers to save on distribution and increase video quality for viewers, and Accelerated Transcoding for MediaConvert, which increases the processing speed of file-based video encoding jobs by up to 25 times.

Unmatched global network optimized for content delivery

Deliver massive video-on-demand catalogs or live stream your content to millions of viewers using the largest global infrastructure footprint of any cloud provider and Amazon CloudFront, a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that has been highly optimized for Media & Entertainment industry workloads. No matter where your audience is, reach them globally through 216+ points of presence, a private network backbone, and software that’s been tuned and optimized over the last decade.

AWS Media Services

Customers choose AWS Media Services to transport, prepare, process, and deliver live and on-demand content in the cloud. These managed services let you build and adapt video workflows quickly, eliminate capacity planning, easily scale with growth, and benefit from pay-as-you-go pricing. Connect with other AWS services and third-party applications for media storage, machine learning, content protection, monetization campaigns, and more.

AWS Elemental Appliances & Software

For some customers, components of the video workflow need to be deployed on-premises, such as processing baseband SDI video sources for live video, or integrating video processing with local storage resources. AWS Elemental Appliances and Software come in two variants: ready-to-deploy appliances, or AWS-licensed software that you install on your own hardware, so you can deploy video processing and delivery solutions on-premises where you need them.

Solutions and other services

AWS Partners for Direct-to-Consumer & Streaming

For customers looking to accelerate time to market, the AWS Partner Network (APN) offers a diverse and deep set of D2C & Streaming solutions from more than 60 AWS Partner.


“Combining Accedo Orchestra and AWS Media Services enables customers to quickly launch and evolve their own video management platform handling live and VOD content, to be easily connected to an existing OTT ecosystem.” 

- Bleuenn Le Goffic, VP Strategy and Business Development, Accedo


“Bitmovin gives OTT video providers a choice of deployment options that simplify and accelerate use of cloud-based media workflows on AWS, allowing them to redefine the consumer viewing experience while significantly lowering cost.”

- Stefan Lederer, CEO and Co-Founder, Bitmovin

Evergent Technologies

“For media companies focused on launching and rapidly growing direct-to-consumer (D2C) services, time to market is critical. Working with AWS helps us enable flexible and agile monetization in weeks, not months.”

- Vijay Sajja, Founder and CEO, Evergent Technologies, Inc

Media & Entertainment solutions from AWS Partners are also available on AWS Marketplace, a digital catalog of third-party software, services, and data that makes it easy to find, buy, deploy, and manage software on AWS.

AWS Consulting Partners help customers build customized solutions to meet their unique needs

Blog posts and articles


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